Saturday, May 3, 2008

Let the Fun Continue!

Well, things are gearing up for the race, and while it's still over 4 hours away, lots of people are on and dancing or duelling or Moooooing. It's lots of fun, so go! Here's a couple more screenshots for ya...

It's Today!

Well, the race is on today and I've already captured a few screenshots. I was able to organize everyone together to form the letters M O O and this is how it turned out:
So, I hope you're all there to enjoy the race. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to actually stay long enough to do the race or not. Family takes up a lot of my time, especially on the weekends. Anyways, I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Running of da Bulls - What to Expect

So, I did a pre-Running of da Bulls for Sharvan run (for details click back there or here). Rolled a warrior tauren named Hapadwe on the Cenarion Circle server and in just under an hour I ran from the tauren starting zone to Hammerfall. The first time I died wasn't until I was running through Silverpine Forest and I aggro'd a bear. Bear one hits me and I dead. Come up at the graveyard in southern Silverpine and spirit res there. This next part gets tricky. Dalaran wizards close to the road and one actually patrolling the road make getting into Hillsbrad Foothills rather tricky. I died at least 4 times trying to get past these wizards. Finally into Hillsbrad and of course, bears, spiders and lions. They seem to aggro from a mile away, and you would think that spirit res'ing at Tarren Mill would be good, but you will die several times on your journey south from there towards the Arathi Highlands. This is going to be mass slaughter. Now, if you thought that you aggro'd the stuff in Hillsbrad from far away, Arathi is even worse. You move one way to miss one and something gets you from the other side. This was a constant die, run, res, run, die, run, res, run, die type of craziness. Also had my /moo macro going the whole time I was running. Finally got to Hammerfall, went to send a letter and umm, oops. No money. Humbly request 30c from someone to send a letter and get 1s instead. Very generous. Send a letter to Mr. Ratshag and then go repair. Go sit down in the inn and log off. Created my level one tauren hunter named MalokkolaM and log off again.

Log back in later on the warrior to see if any response to my letter and I gots mail! But, it's not from who I thought it would be from. The person what gave me the 1s to send the mail has sent me a note asking that I consider her a friend and that she is sending me a gift! And there it is, a shiny gold coin and some silvers too! Very friendly and generous! So, I took the generosity and used it to level up a bit. So my warrior is now level 6 and sitting in Thunder Bluff.

Well, that is all for now. Everyone go "Moo!" your way through the run!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rough Couple Days

Well, I said I was bad about this kind of thing, however I have good reason. Thursday morning I woke up at 5:30 in tremendous pain on my left side. The whole day is kind of a blur, but I did make it to the doctor's office. Could be a kidney stone, but we're not sure. I finally hit 70 that morning also, I kind of remember it. Anyhow, resting, sleeping, tossing, turning, finally 6:00 Friday morning my alarm goes off and the pain in my side is gone. I was worried that the pain would come back, so I didn't get up and do a dance of joy like I wanted to. Hopped in the shower, got dressed and headed in to work. Finally passed the stone on my first visit to the restroom after arriving at the office. Glad to have that out of my system.

I turn on my computer and attempt to get a little work done (I came in early to try to catch up on what I missed from the day before), 8:05 rolls around and the President (not a big deal really, there's only 9 employees in the whole company) calls me into his office to meet with my manager and the VP. They're letting me go he says. So, I hold back the tears (may sound wussy to you, but my tear ducts are one of the parts of my body I have absolutely no control over), knowing that they are right, I screwed up. The company was great to work for. Good benefits, great people. The job probably wasn't the best for me. Inside sales. I'm more of a tech support kind of guy, and probably won't be happy until that's the type of job I'm in. Problem is, no matter how much experience I have, everyone wants a piece of paper that says I graduated some college for it. And school is not my cup o' tea.

And no, this isn't really what I intended this blog for, but I needed to get this off my chest somehow and anonymously sounded like the best way since anyone who's reading this most likely doesn't know me. I still don't want to tell my parents. Your son, the failure, has been laid off from his job 3 years ago and now fired from his next job after 2 years 4 months.

I almost feel selfish for the self-pity, as I really did bring this one down on myself. And there are bigger, sadder things happening out there. Seriously, BRK & the rest of AC have my sincerest condolences. I don't handle losing people well, and you have done so in a most respectful way. Unfortunately I cannot afford to donate to the cause, but if you are reading this and have been blessed with any type of abundance recently, BRK is taking donations to help pay for the funeral.

I suppose this is all for now. I'll be back when I'm feeling better.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let's try this again!

Well, I've gotten into reading tons of blogs on an almost daily basis, and it's inspired me to try once again, my own hand at it. I profess to be an expert at next to nothing, jack of all trades, master of none as it's said, but I'm pretty good at a lot of things. I know, I know I finally get my own blog and my first post is going to take you away. Well, I hope you come back when I have something more interesting to say, but in the meantime some of my favorite blogs are:

And my guild, "The Order" on the "Sisters of Elune" server can be found at

My main toon is a level 69 1/2 Orc Warrior named Malok and you can view him here:

So.. that's it for now. Till next time...